Selling a house that you have inherited

Inheriting a property from a deceased family member is never an easy time to go through if you were particularly close to that relative, however for some lucky few, inheriting a property from a long lost relative can be a potential goldmine! Finding out that you now own a property in a different country for example, can prove to be a challenge that is exciting and rewarding. But the trouble often starts when it comes to finding a buyer.

Cash buyers in the UK market.

If you have inherited a property in the UK, you may want to consider selling it to a cash property buyer. Selling a house you have inherited from a close family member can often be very stressful, and if that family member was very close you may even have other things to arrange like the funeral and wake.

If the relative is distant, and you didn’t really know them – you still may be expected to help with the funeral arrangements which can be frustrating. Also, if the property is located a considerable distance from your home, you may want to consider the time it will take to sell on the open market.

You may have to travel back and forth in order to deal with solicitors and estate agents. With a cash sale you can tie up to procedure in as little as 7 days, and have all of the stresses take away from you.

Alternative ways of selling.

Another option that is available to you is to sell your inherited property at auction. Although it is not the most favored way of selling as it can be complicated, it is one way of ensuring you get a quick sale.

Auctions run throughout the year in the UK, and the pricing scale varies from company to company, so make sure you check out any company you decide to use and do some research on them.

Inherited property can be a blessing in disguise; and can sometimes come when you need a bit of extra help with your finances. However, don’t let the stresses of the funeral and your loss overwhelm you so you end up making bad decisions. Think it through, and do what is best for yourself and any other parties involved.