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Highest cash offers for ANY property!

we have the most funds available to purchase any UK property in any condition!

You pay no fees

don't pay for valuations, solicitors or EPC's. we will pay
all costs with our cash service.

We can have cash ready in 24 hours

if you need to sell quickly we can have a firm offer in place in 24 hours for genuine cash.

Achieve up to 100% of the market value!

you could get up to 100% market value depending on the sale method you choose.

The Right House Buying Company For Your Sale!

You may have heard recently that the OFT (Office Of Fair Trading) are investigating the house buying industry in an attempt to filter out some of the shady practices that have been going on.

We for one, as one of the UK's biggest national cash buying companies really appreciate the effort that the OFT are going to, and thoroughly support any decisions that they make to improve the industry as a whole.

In the past companies have been known to charge valuation fees and other uncalled for fees to customers, they have been known to tie customers into long contracts for 6 months +, and they have been know to dramatically lower the offer price just days before the property is due to complete. We for one find these practices unacceptable.

As a house buyer in the UK we feel we have a responsibility to you to give you fair and accurate information from day one, so that nobody is going to be disappointed later down the line.

Our property buying ethos is built and has always been built on the following principles:-

We will NOT charge you any fees.

We will NOT tie you in with a contract.

We will NOT lower the price after valuation.

We WILL pay for any property in REAL CASH.

It's simple, if you want a house buyer you can trust, that can provide you with PROOF OF FUNDS IN 2 HOURS, and can guarantee you a sale in as little as 7 days, HighPricePaid is the company for you. Just enter your details above for an offer.

Remember, our offering system is 100% FREE, we are genuine cash buyers, and you pay no fees to sell with us. Just enter your details NOW.

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